The demand for new car services, tire shops and car washes is growing in proportion to the increase in the number of cars on the road.

It is convenient when such establishments are located near home or work, so the driver can use the services at any convenient time.

A modular car service building is an ideal solution in this case, since the structure is easy to install on any type of soil and surface, it perfectly fits to urban architecture.

The construction facility can be made in a variety of colors, as sandwich panels or profiled sheets are covered with polymer paint.

The main advantage of modular buildings for car service is:

  • Mobility;
  • Temporary structures;
  • Simplified construction documents preparation, a facility can be registered as a temporary or fundamental structure;
  • Fast installation;
  • Acceptable prices.

In addition, a foundation is not always necessary. Compacted rubble fraction, a concrete bedding, asphalt or simply cleared and leveled site is often chosen as a base. This type of structure includes:

  • Modular car washes services;
  • Modular tire fitting buildings;
  • Modular garages;
  • Car repair and maintenance shops.

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