Shops, booths, stalls, pavilions and so on.They are everywhere, especially in the summer, when the sale of ice cream, soft drinks, newspaper press and other products becomes profitable.

An indisputable advantage is that dismountable modular buildings, if necessary, can be dismantled and rebuilt in a new place or at another time of the year, when it will be necessary.

Modular store buildings are a new method of building commercial property, which allows you to quickly pay off your business investments and start earning income.

Such structures not only have high operational qualities, can serve for a long period without repair work, but also have a modern attractive design, which is far from a secondary feature in sales.

To order the construction of a modular building for a store or a shoe repair shop, as an example, you can apply for services from OOO “VPK-Concept”. We will develop for you an individual project of a turnkey modular building from scratch.

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