Pontoon is a flattish boat for maintaining weight on the water.

Pontoons are the most popular solution for arranging marinas and anchorages for ships and boats. The equipment is easy to adapt to any operating conditions.

OOO “VPK-Concept” offers modular floating platforms of its own production of any carrying capacity and configuration at the customer request.

When making pontoons, our specialists are guided by many years of experience. For durability and reliability, we make pontoons only from high-quality materials, taking into account the climatic conditions of the area.

You can purchase a standard product or order design and manufacture according to your own parameters and needs. All products are manufactured in our facility, which includes a full production cycle - from the design and the manufacture of all components to turnkey installation. Due to the use of the highest quality materials and modern technologies, our products are distinguished by low price, short production time and long service life.

Metal pontoons.

Due to metal pontoons, it is possible to set technological equipment directly on the surface of the water body, to provide convenient access to boats, regardless of the coastline.

Metal pontoons for berths are widely used for organizing public space: placing entertainment establishments and food outlets, boat stations, fishing spots.

The main advantage of steel structures is its strength — regardless of the season, the pontoons can easily withstand wind and wave loads.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of metal structures for pontoons of any size and displacement.

It is possible to manufacture both standard objects that have proven themselves during operation in water bodies throughout Russia, as well as the development of individual projects, according to specific requirements. As in the manufacture of metal structures of any type, only high-quality sheet and pipe products are used. Structurally, the pontoon is a steel pipe, at the ends of which welded in a circle sheet steel plugs.

Welding is carried out with automatic submerged-arc welding or in a protective environment, which ensures a high quality of the weld. To reduce costs, steels with a low alloy content are usually used. Corrosion protection is ensured by applying several layers of paintwork.

Depending on the expected load, the required metal wall thickness is calculated.The frame for the joist is calculated and implemented according to the load planned by the customer. Depending on the size of the finished product, it is possible to manufacture turnkey metal structures both at the facility and SKD assembly on the prepared water body.

In this case, it is necessary to ensure reliable sealing of all joints to protect against corrosion. Failure to comply with these requirements for the rapid destruction of metal under the influence of corrosion.

The production of pontoons takes place in several stages:

  • Preliminary consultation by phone and identification of customer needs.
  • Detailed study of all design issues with our office engineer.
  • Coordination of materials of construction.
  • Drawing up project documentation and drawing approval.
  • Manufacturing of pontoon frame metal.
  • Frame cladding.
  • Obtaining the State Inspection of Small Vessels certificate for floating boat.
  • Delivery and installation of the pontoon to your facility.

Pontoons of OOO "VPK-Concept" have excellent carrying capacity. They are unsinkable, not exposed to aggressive environments, which allows you to build strong durable platforms on the water for any purpose!

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