The creation of a cafe on the water or, for example, a concert venue, involves the installation of a fence roof or a stationary building based on a frame mounted on pontoons. If the entertainment facility is located near the coast, then it has the opportunity to organize power supply, sewerage and water supply. If the structure moves through the water area, then you can install electric generators, various tanks for storing water and waste.

Recently, non-standard advertising campaigns have been increasingly used to attract the attention of visitors. Lakes are a great opportunity to surprise your clients with a memorable event. We competently use pontoons for water recreation: cafes, stages, hotels.

A floating restaurant, a concert venue or a cafe on the water should be equipped with guard railings that will not allow visitors to fall into the water, as well as life jackets and life savers. A floating restaurant or bar can be equipped with outboard motors for crossings the water, as well as anchoring systems for parking between crossings or mooring at the shore.

When placing cafes on the water, events often require a stage. Pontoon systems of OOO “VPK-Concept” allow building a full-fledged floating stage. At the same time, spectators can be both on the platform on the water and on the shore – in this case, the number of spectators is not limited.

Also, the pontoon systems of OOO “VPK-Concept” can be used as pontoons for water recreation. In particular, it is possible to organize a whole water recreation park with swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, concert venues and exhibition area, as well as fountains and fireworks.

Water recreation pontoons allow you to provide:

  • The placement of large billboards or structures, in this case, floating advertising, is mounted in front of a large crowd of people on the shore (be it a beach or a restaurant), or moves along the shore, which allows you to achieve a large audience reach.
  • Installation of advertising pavilions for promotions or other events, for product presentation, prize drawing.
  • Organization of fountains, fireworks or concert programs.

The floating advertising structure is moved either by its own motor or by towing by a boat.

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