For the construction of berths, we manufacture pontoons from steel with a thickness of 8 mm. Compared to pontoons for houses and saunas, pontoons for berths have a lower carrying capacity, but a greater proper weight. Due to this, the pontoon-type berths of our production have good stability, which reduces the effect of waves on the berth and allows you to safely moor alongside such a berth, rest on it, and fish from it, and swim. And also pontoons for berths are much cheaper than pontoons for the construction of heavy objects.

The company "VPK-Concept" carries out the turnkey construction of boat stations.

Design, production, installation and decoration.

During the design and construction of the marina, OOO “VPK-Concept” is guided by the requirements of the State Inspection of Small Vessels (GIMS) regarding moorages. This means that the berths are equipped with individual life-saving appliances, a lifeline, mandatory lighting, a fire-alarm panel, an information stand and all the necessary logbooks.

The connection between pontoons and mooring pins is universal. This allows the implementation of a berth of any shape, size and configuration.

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