A pontoon boat for aircraft is being built not only for individuals who have a country house. The boat is often used by EMERCOM first responders in rescue operations.An important advantage of the pontoons is lightness and excellent carrying capacity, which allows various helicopter models to be placed on the boat.

The pontoons offered by the company "VPK-Concept" support various mechanical loads, are not rusting, rotting or discoloring from constant contact with water.

The helipad on the water is made in the required sizes. If necessary, it can be moved to another part of the waterbody or be transported to another place. The boat is often equipped with lighting sets for night operation. The boat does not need to be transported ashore for the winter.

The good thing about a pontoon helipad is that it can be built on a mountain lake or on the surface of the water in remote places with no infrastructure.The helicopter deck will allow you to discover a resort in the most beautiful, but inaccessible for ordinary transport places.In addition, a boat for a helicopter on the water is a cheap solution to the problem, since there is no need to carry out construction work and pay land rent.

The landing pad allows you to create a comfortable and well-maintained area for out-of-town recreation even in the most remote regions of the country. For the construction of a water pontoon, you do not need to obtain a batch of official documents. By contacting the company "VPK-Concept", you will receive only qualified advice and an individual approach!

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