A package transformer substation (PTS) manufactured by OOO “VPK-Concept” is an electrical installation designed for receiving, converting and distributing electrical energy, serving to supply power to industrial and urban facilities.


  • Drawing up a detailed plan for external and internal electrification;
  • Our engineers propose a temporary or permanent power supply project;
  • Coordination of the project with regulatory authorities;
  • Turnover of the finished project to the customer.

Production and assembly of structures in the facility:

  • Frame fabrication and assembly;
  • External cladding. The frame is covered with sandwich panels (or other materials in accordance with the project);
  • Installation of ceiling, floor, windows and doors.

Transportation of PTS to the site:

  • Delivery to the place of assembly is carried out by freight transport; the unloading of the package transformer substation to a previously prepared site is carried out using a crane.

Installation and assembly of packaged transformer substations:

  • PTS is installed according to the project;
  • Jointing — assembly and installation is performed;
  • Insulation and waterproofing of interunit joints;
  • Installation of internal partitions and doors;
  • Electrical equipment is installed and doors are unlocked;

After completing all of the above works, the PTS is ready for full use and the customer acceptance.

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