Metal Laser Cutting

High power laser. A focused computer-controlled laser beam provides a high concentration of energy and allows you to cut metal.

Due to the high power of laser radiation, a high productivity and high quality of the cut surfaces of the process is ensured. Easy and relatively simple control of laser radiation allows you to carry out shape laser cutting of flat and volumetric parts and workpieces with a high degree of process automation.

Laser cutting is carried out by piercing through sheet metal with a laser beam. This technology has obvious advantages over many other cutting methods:

  • The absence of mechanical contact allows processing fragile and easily collapsible materials;
  • Hard alloy materials can be processed;
  • High speed cutting of thin sheet steel is possible;
  • When producing small batches of products, it is more expedient to carry out laser cutting of the material than to produce expensive molds or casting molds;
  • For automatic cutting of the material, it is enough to prepare the drawing file in any drawing program and transfer the file to the computer, which is able to control errors in very small values.

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