OOO “VPK CONCEPT” is a new generation company that successfully uses modern technologies for calculating and designing buildings and structures. The software complex "KOMPAS" and "Solid Works" are used as a graphic editor.

The company's specialists have many years of experience in designing and putting into operation objects based on building metal structures. We provide the design of working documentation: AS — architectural solutions, RCS — reinforced concrete structures, MS — metal structures, DMS — detailed metal structures, AD — assembly drawings, PIIBTS — a project for the installation of industrial buildings and technological structures from light-gauge construction LGC.

Our design advantages:

  • The Contractor's ability to implement proven design schemes during design;
  • Reducing the cost of metal structures by optimizing the weight of the frame;
  • Reduction of installation time on average up to a week
  • Saving on the purchase of material due to the optimal use of the range of rolled metal products during design;

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